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“Transhand LLC” TTE serves passenger linear transportation in the territory of Lubusz, Greater Poland and West Pomeranian Voivodeship We provide school transport on the territory of Cybinka, Rzepin, Ośno Lubuskie and Słubice and transportation of workers. You can buy tickets for our buses directly from the driver. Travel on our buses is a guarantee of safe, timely and pleasant trip.

Thanks to our experienced drivers, Your journey will be safe and comfortable. Travel by our buses is a guarantee of a pleasant trip.

We have well-equipped buses. For your convenience, most buses have: up to 55 seats, air conditioning, DVD, WC and minibar.

Our Buses

For information on bus arrivals and departures, please refer to the TRAVEL SCHEDULE, which is available on our website. We would also like to inform that the telephone number of the Information is open at which our operator will provide you with details about the timetable:

For your convenience, the current ticket price list has been published on the e-podroznik.pl website.


Passenger transport manager Marek Tkaczewski

Phone number : 600 235 201


Phone number : 95 758 32 82