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We provide professional freight and forwarding services.
We provide comprehensive logistics and stock-keeping services.

Preparation is
the most important key to success.

We are a stable, experienced, reliable and dynamically developing company, in which the main goal of activity is a customer satisfaction, so we care about the high level of services provided and quick and timely order fulfilment.

Reliable service

Each order builds a root for both our parties.

Professional help

We approach each customer individually, adapting our offers to his requirements and needs.

Competent Team

Each order is followed by an experienced and cohesive team.

TRANSHAND company is characterized, first of all, by punctuality and attention to the cargo entrusted to us. We always deliver the goods to the right place. We are trusted by many respected companies with whom we still maintain cooperation. Therefore, if you expect the services to be performed professionally and conscientiously at the same time with favorable prices, our offer will fully satisfy you.

The best way to attract and retain customers is by constantly thinking about how to offer them more bang for the buck. Joining of efforts is the beginning, maintaining of closeness is progress, working together is success – the business is made by those who know and understand people.

Transport and trade enterprise Transhand LLC was founded in 1990. We are one of the leading transport companies in the territory of Lubusz Voivodeship.

We have modern technical and trading bases, where we provide specialized services in the field of service of trucks and buses.

  • freight services throughout Europe
  • regular passenger and tourist traffic services
  • forwarding services
  • truck and bus service
  • truck and bus service

Domestic and international transportation

We carefully plan our actions so that all recommendations are implemented on time.
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Questions and answers

You can also use the services of a car wash, a vehicle inspection station, a gas station or you can buy spare parts. We also offer tire service, where you can buy tires.

We have well-equipped buses. For your convenience, most buses have: up to 55 seats, air conditioning, DVD, WC and minibar.

Thanks to our experienced drivers, Your journey will be safe and comfortable. Travel by our buses is a guarantee of a pleasant trip.


Public bus service on November 8 and 11, 2019

In connection with the organization on November 8, 2019 at from 11:30 to 14:30, 30. Jubilee National Street Independence Run for the Słubice Cup, will be excluded from service for line No. 3, at 13: 24 and 14:35, stop located at Plac Bohaterów. Organizing on November 11, 2019. at from 14:00 to 16:00, “National Independence Run”,should not hinder the implementation…

Communication – Stop at ul. Chopin!

The organizer of public collective transport informs that due to road construction, the stop at ul. Chopin, is excluded from service from 11 to 20 December 2019. In the event of early completion of road works, information will be given about the resumption of stop service again. 44/5000 We apologize for any difficulties of passengers

Public transport bus service on December 24, 2019

The organizer of public collective transport informs that on December 24, 2019. (i.e. Tuesday) and December 31, 2019. (i.e. Tuesday) the following courses are suspended: No. 140 line 1 at 21:18 No. 142 line 1 at 22:42 No. 141 line 1 at 22:14 No. 138 line 5 at 16:40 At the same time, it is mentioned that the other public…